Sparks have brought the world to the edge of ruin.

‘Sparks’, daredevil scientists and adventurers delve into ancient forgotten technology and create new inventions. The Spark of genius is rare, but when it strikes it grants the recipient rare insights and talents beyond that of a normal human. Sparks can see uses for old tech that no one else can, they can make automatons and fantastic machines, but also terrible weapons and when things go wrong with their inventions the results can be catastrophic.

Much of the flavor of the world is lifted straight from Phil and Kaja Foglio’s fantastic Girl Genius comic. I do not intend the game to be a straight lift from Girl Genius, Agatha will not be there as the story will belong to the PCs, but the look and feel of the world is pretty much stolen. In addition to the Foglios, I would also mention some writers I read very early who play into the same themes of unreliable technology, Ron Goulart, Harry Harrison and Phillip Jose Farmer were some of my favorite authors as a boy and there work infuses this game as well.

Sparks in the Dusk